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How strong do you people think smoker is like were would you rank him at with other charaters and in the marnies and how strong do you think he has gotten over the time skip.

I think he is strong because before the timeskip(and i stilll think he can) he could hold down luffey who has monster strength without effort.Also he has high endurance since he can take a kick from Hancock without takeing any damage.And he is a logia which makes him unable to be hit(Unless someome uses haki) and he was able to fight on par with ace who could fight(But in the end was defeted by ) blackbeard so i would put him between a vice admiral and a admiral and after the timeskip is insanely more powerful might be able to beat the warlords and fight the admirals for a few mintues and completely destroy the supernovas in a fight.Though he is stil a wealking comapared to The yonko,Admirals,Kong,Dragon,First mate of the yonko, and maybe blackbeard.Even smoker knows how strong he is asking kuzan without fear to be transferred to the new world.Also i think he could still beat luffey even though luffey has got CRAZY strong after the timeskip and now has haki but he would have to put in more effort.