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  • Mrgod11234

    sakazuki's past

    August 28, 2011 by Mrgod11234

    as the title says(i'm sure i didn't spell his name right and i don't care) i am going to make this blog about skuziki's past(spellnt it worng again) so here goes

    i think that as a little kid sakuziki fiund his devil fruit and when he went back to his village and demastaded them he hurt like his mom or someone else he cared about and was told to never use his powers again then pirates came to his village and killed everyone till only he was left then in his rage sakuziki(don't care about spelling anymore) killed the pirates and his village and from that point swore to destroy all pirates useing his powers.

    thats what i think tell me what you thought about and tell me what you think about his past and why he is like he is now.

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  • Mrgod11234

    Like the title says what do you think the will of d is like what do you think the d stands for and what connection does it have to the anicent kingdom and the treasure one piece.Also people give serrous answers or don't bother commenting.

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  • Mrgod11234

    Who is the strongest

    August 22, 2011 by Mrgod11234

    Who is the strongest admiral out of the three,befroe you answer put in mind the admirals' devil fruits and the figths they have had in the serirs and how they have beat or overpower other charaters.This is what i think about the admirals.Or and also sorry for my bad spelling while describeing the admirals.i think they are equal but if i had to chose

    Akanui:I think he is the strongest because he could easleiy deafeat izuma.Inov,jnbe, and ace easliey he could fight most of the whitebeard commanders all at once and made blackbeard and his whole crew flee in terror and also he could greatly ingure whitebeard and take his most powerful quake bubble so i think he is the strongest.

    Kuzan:He being a admiral is strong he could easleiy deafeat luffey …

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  • Mrgod11234

    Mihawk's strength

    August 19, 2011 by Mrgod11234

    Ok i made this blog because people over estimate mihawk's strength so i will say this MIHAWK IS NOT FREAKING GOD LIKE STRONG HE IS STRONG BUT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE STRONGER THEN HIM there it is.Vista could figth him with ease and crocdile could figth him without getting hurt.

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  • Mrgod11234

    Will luffey fight Kid,Law,Hawkins,Drake,Bonney,Urouge,Apoo, and Bege during the new world saga and if he does in what odrder and why and when.I didn't add killer because zoro going to fight killer.

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