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700- What we don't know

Mrgjman February 28, 2013 User blog:Mrgjman

Oda's 700th chapter of One Piece did not dissappoint. It was simply a stunning chapter. But it did leave a some questions and provided a lot answers.

Question 1: What is Caribou up to? and who are those mysterious soldiers?

Answer 1: No clue

Question 2: What is Jewelry Bonney doing after the timeskip?

Answer 2: Eating pizza of course! and maybe participating in some sort of war?

Question 3: What/where is Green Bit?

Answer 3: It is an desolate island just north of Dressrosa?

Question 4: What is Law's plan?

Answer 4: Destroy the smiles factory, while Doflamingo is retrieving Ceasar.

Question 5: Will Law fit in with the crew?

Answer 5: Unfortunately for Law, more than he ever wanted.

Question 6: What does Kinemon know about Dressrosa?

Answer 6: His comrades and him were shipwrecked ther and they let themselves be captured in Zou so Kinemon could retrieve Momonosuke.

Question 7: Where is Law's crew?

Answer 7: On Zou!

Question 8: Where is Zou?

Answer 8: Where Kinemon's comrades are!

Question 9: Where are Kinemon's comrades?

Answer 9: On Zou!

Question 10: Who are the other new warlords?

Answer 10: Buggy (finally) and a mystery person

Question 11: Who is the mystery warlord?

Answer 11: It is a mystery?

Question 11: Who is Fujitora?

Answer 11: A NEW ADMIRAL!!!! (maybe)

Question 12: What are Trevor's powers?

Answer 12: Being creepy and melting?

Question 13: Who is Diamante and what is the colluseum?

Answer 13: The seat of diamonds and Doflamingo's entertainment?

Question 14: What is the seat of hearts that was promised to Law?

Answer 14: Apparently a real seat of hearts, confirming Doflamingo's cards theme

Question 15: Who is on the seat of clubs?

Question 15: Shadows!

Question 16: How did Doflamingo get Ace's devil fruit?

Answer 16: who knows?

What are your guys' thoughts on this chapter?

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