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  • Mr Easter

    The New World

    January 15, 2014 by Mr Easter

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    So the New World is alot more dangerous than Paradise of course hence the name Paradise, The Straw Hats will obviously face many enemies along the way to Raftel, They will meet many people that i believe will play a massive role on the storyline, we don't even have to know these people yet. Now lets talk about trivia stuff and Ideas and thoughts, Aokiji alright he's and ex Admiral and he's strong enough to last In the New World there was a little hint that he's involbved with the undeground network In the new world and Blackbeard, some say he will become a pirate but i don't believe that he may very well respect some pirates (Straw Hat's) but I don't think he'll st…

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  • Mr Easter

    Could Kuina be tashigi

    December 14, 2013 by Mr Easter

    Guys its just too weird thinking about it, they coulod be like the same person, Maybe kuina got amnesisa or something IDK but I don't have much to argue for, In OP If a character is dead there death will be shown, if their death was not shown they're likely to be alive?? anyway does anyone have any ridiculous theorys or ideas as to what could be the connection between the two if you do leave your comments below, also her father didn't believe she could achieve her dreams, from what we have seen he may appear ni e to Zoro but deep in his heart maybe he shows no love for his daughter, and banished her from the family because she would not stop trying to achieve her dream and make a point

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