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Hey everybody! Like some of you, I am a big fan of One Piece's video games. I follow a lot of the latest news, even if I don't buy most of the games (I skipped Romance Dawn, Pirate Warriors 2, and Super Grand Battle X). But the new upcoming installment to the Warriors series looks promising.

To remind you all, the 1st game had a roster of the Straw Hats and a few allies (Ace, Jinbe, etc.). I was disappointed, but the sequel added most of the Shichibukai, the Admirals, and some other interesting characters like Garp and Perona. While that looked better, I had a massive game backlog at the time (which I still have now) and didn't see a purpose in buying it.

That's where we get to the new game. Not only has it properly added all of the missing arcs (Morgan, Kuro, Loguetown, etc.), but it has a promising roster already! I mean, for Christ's sake, they've added Alvida and Lucci, plus Bellamy, Wiper, and Daz Bones (note: the last 3 have yet to be confirmed as playable). It's safe to say that this'll be a great game. What I want to know from you guys is what are you looking forward to in Pirate Warriors 3 and what do you want them to add? Let me know down below. Thanks for reading!