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Hello all. I recently edited George Black when I thought about something. Did the two people, George Black and Roche Tomson, actually appear in the manga and weren't identified? After raising the question, I made it a goal to find the two, and I believe I have. I know that these have to be the most unimportant, nonsense characters in One Piece history, but I'm going to give it a shot. Feast your eyes!


Roche Tomson, according the his page, could be inspired by Roche Braziliano. Roche's page just refers to the name similarity, but I believe that this "Roche" that I've found and the Dutch pirate, Roche, share physical similarities. They both have parted hair with curls on the sides of the head, as well as large noses and small eyes. Roche Braziliano was also lost at sea and never seen again, which could explain this "Roche's" feeling that Luffy wanting to save Ace is hopeless. Also, most Impel Down prisoners have had their records erased and some just believe they are missing or dead, just like "real-life" Roche.


Okay. You probably think I have a well articulated, in-depth explanation for this one like Roche, but I don't. I honestly like this guy and think he should be Black. That's it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this hypothesis. Please respond in the comments with your opinion on the matter if you wish. Till next time!