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Hello everyone. This my big anniversary blog, and I'm pretty glad to say it. I've gotten great advice and help from a number of you, despite my sparse activity. I'd like the thank Yata for all the help with little projects and things, DP for questions and blog help, Espada for image gathering, Galaxy (wherever you are) for a variety of things, Zod for the Wise Men help, Vaz for being a hard worker and a real nice guy, Staw (yes Staw) for project help, and anyone else who has helped out somehow or another. I'm not sure how active I'll be in the future, but I've felt very welcomed and respected. I've gotten a lot accomplished (93 stubs what up), too, despite the 3 or 4 pages I made that got deleted (you could say that I'm horrible with names *duh dun tst*). Thanks you all again and happy editing.

The Great Explorer,

Montblanc Noland