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Kizaru: good the shichibukai are arriving

Law: this is annoying......... why did you summon us

Akainu: that will be explained soon brat

Law: touchy arent we.......... so why dont i give you some info you dont have akainu

Akainu: you cant know any thing we dont.... marine intelegence are the best

Law: hooo then you know about Marl Benjamin

Akainu: ofcourse he is this years super rookie the only rookie with a higher bounty than coribou, his bounty is 250 million berries

Law: is that all you know....... well it figures since the guy doesnt have any turf but he is running wild

Akainu: so, he is just a rookie he can be delt with anytime

Law: even though he is a logia, the user of the cement cement fruit

Kizaru: doesnt that make it easier, these rookie logia users cant handle haki

Law: that would be true if it werent for Luffy

Akainu: Luffy!!!!!!!!!!!

Law: yea Marl is luffys ally

Akainu: how do know this

Law: after SH took out BM, I was sailing around a certain island when I saw two of BM ships sunk and filled with concrete pillars, and then i met Marl and he claimed to be working with Luffy

Akainu: so you let him go because he was working for your old friend

Law: no! he fought pretty decent, he even had counter measures against haki but when i had him at deaths edge SH and his crew showed up and we had a little battle but the marines interupted and he got away. O and Marl is incharge of 20 pirates, and he is never too far from SH

smoker and tashigi enter the room

smoker: good evening Fleet admiral,borsalino san and good evening pirate scum

Law:irritating as ever i see white hunter and your still carrying around that wanna be swordsman i see

tashigi bites her lip

Tashigi: i will defeat yo trafalgar

Law(grinning): arent we on the same side

Tashigi: pirates will always be pirates

suddenly tashigi draws her sword

Law: i see you are enjoying yourself.....

Law swings his sword and it almost cuts of tashigis hand

Law: Doflamingo

DOflamingo: i got caught..... kukukuku, trafalgar long time no see

Law: bepo stay close

Bepo: aye aye captain

doflamingo: its been a while marines

smoker: mess with my subordinate again and i will kill you doflamingo

Tashigi: smoker san

smoker: tashigi are you an idiot getting caught so easily

???: what a bunch of annoying people

Doflamingo: this is unnusual you really showed up

Mihawk: i have my reasons

law grins

Law: room

the room is created

Law: hawk eye i dont want to be the worlds best swords man but i atleast want to fight you once

law unsheathes his sword and mihawk grabs his

Mihawk: interesting, come!!!!

kizaru appears between them

kizaru: lets stop this

they both swing their swords

Tashigi (thinking): they plan to cut through him

both blades collide creating a shock wave

KIzaru: you both didnt use any haki but that was still scary

voice: today i take your head hawk eye

Mihawk: another annoying one

a tall swordfish fish man enters the room

Marlin: get ready hawk eye

Marlin ephite marlin the sword former bounty 100 million berries

Law: shut up

suddenly marlins hand flys off

Doflamingo: these kids are fun to watch kukukuku right akainu

Akainu: Law stop this

Law: why

Akainu: bastard, inugami!!!!!!!!!!!

akainu shoots magma towards law but law switches himself with a seat

Law: take it easy i am taking out the trash for you akainu

Marlin: trash!!!!!!!

hancock and buggy enter the room

hancock: all men are trash....... except for him

Law starts grinnig

Buggy: but he is the weakest shichibukai

Mihawk: and you arent red nose

Buggy: mihawk you bastard you want a tast of my buggy gun it will flashily kill you

note buggy upgraded his buggy balls destructive power and also made some small enough with the same amount of power so that they fit in a gun with a 4 inch wide barrel

XDrake walks in

Drake: ever since you lost roronoa you should have been killed Marlin

Marlin uses 2 swords and counts his nose as a sword aswell so he believed himself to be the one and only true santoryuu user so he attempted to kill zoro who is the world known master of the style but he was defeated by zoro. note Marlins techniques control water similar to fish man karete

a loud voice: so you all agree that the jinbe wanna be should die

Tashigi: who....

Marlin: i thought i lost you... captain kid!!!

Kid: i didnt want to kill you so soon i wanted to meet wit the head of the navy first

eustass kid bounty is 650million berries

Akainu: how did you get in here so easily

Kid: trade secret

Akainu: freaking brat!!!!!!!! i'll kill you

Kizaru: wait what do you want Kidd

Kidd: i want information

Kizaru: sorry but no way and you arent escaping this place

Kidd: as much as i would enjoy crushing everyone here

everyone glares at kid due to him exerting murderous intent

Kidd: i would like to cooperate but you wont work with ordinary pirates so what if i become a warlord

Akainu: we already have 7

Kidd: so i just have to kill 1

the warlords start preparing to fight kidd, but marlin draws his swords and attacks first

Marlin(thinking): i will show them that i am the strongest war lord, fishman santoryuu ten shark slash

a huge slash shape water curre comes towardse kid. Kidd takes some bullets out of his pocket

Kidd: metal shot

bullets fly and destroy the current and pirerced Marlins arm


marlins swords go into kidds hands

Kidd: you were impatient if you waited i would have killed red nose not you

Marlin: spare me

Kidd: no

kidd cuts off Marlins arms and then drives a sword into his foot so Marlin couldnt escape

Tashigi: smoker san stop them

Smoker and kizaru look at akainu and akainu tells them not to stop Kidd

Kidd: time to die hahahaha

tashigi closes her eyes while kidd is grinning before delevering his final blow

Marlin: i beg you let me live

Kidd: tch i hate pussies like you the the most

kidd pushes the sword through Marlins heart

Kidd: hahaha just to make sure

kidd cuts off Marlins head

Kidd:now about my request and becoming a warlord

Akainu; fine i will hear you out

Law: kidd you really are a twisted person