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Akainu: That brat straw hat all those guys are warlord level pirates

Kizaru: yeah but isnt it interesting

Akainu: what

Kizaru: Those guys were scary, destroying every and anyone who came near their turf, but the next one is a little different

Akainu: different??

Kizaru: yea the next one is Hercule D Julius captain of the Gladiator Pirates

Akainu: those guys from the three warrior islands

Kizaru: yea coloseum island, valhalla island and khan island, the gladiator pirates are the main force of these islands, but i often wonder why marines dont run it

Akainu: its too much of a hassle, they dont have a stable king, due to them battling to choose a king every month

Kizaru: huh

Akainu: they have a custom to fight for everything, even those pirates fight to choose a captain every month so i dont know how SH got them to obey him

Kizaru: about that it seems the pirates have had one captain for 6 months now

Akainu: those gladiators have such a powerful captain, to be able to withstand 6 captain tournaments he must also be warlord level............... Hercule D Julius

Kizaru: He controls a thousand pirates with 3 isalnds....... he is known by rookie pirates as Julius the destroyer

Law enters the room

Law: i was watching the tournament it was pretty interesting, right Bepo

Bepo: aye aye captain

Akainu: Law only Warlords and marine officials are allowed here so get the bear out

Law: so i will leave as well

Kizaru: wait wait just calm down we already went to the trouble of summoning the warlords to this meating and what do you mean you watched the tournament

Law: anyone can watch or enter the tournament of pirates on coloseum island as long as they pay, there were alot of big shot pirates watching especially from my generation

Akainu: and you didnt capture any

Law: it wasnt my business and i am not a marine so i am not obligated to do so


Luffy: a tournament of pirates i am entering

Zoro: yea sounds fun

Sanji: i finally get to kick your ass marimo

Nami: wait a minute there isnt any prize money

Monster trio: so

Nami: sigh

Usopp: the tournament has three sections beasts, blades and brawls the chamions of these three sections will meet in the finals in a 3 way battle, in beast you fight the most blood thirsty animals, blades are all weapons are allowed one on one battles and brawls are hand to hand combat ,so choose carefully

Monster trio:ok we will fight each other so lets pick the same section

incidentally zoro picked blades, sanji picked brawl and due to luffy seeing a giant chicken in the beast section he picked beasts so that he could eat it

Robin: this will be interesting

The monster trio got to the finals without much hassle, Luffy didnt fight he just made all the beasts feint and run away, sanji mowed down every one due to them accidentally seeing Namis panties ( brook also got beaten), zoro on the other hand fought effortlessly until the match before the finals because he fought the captain of the Gladiator pirates Hercule D Julius

'Julius ( tall man weilding a white blade even bigger than Mihawks 'with one hand) : this is where you lose swords man

Julius hits zoro with his sword but it has no effect

Zoro: unsheath your sword and fight seriously

Julius: you knew

Zoro: yea because i couldnt feel any murderous intent from you

Julius: a haki user huh? then i will reveal the blade helios and kill you

Zoro( holding only shusuui): come

Julius charges in on zoro

Zoro: one sword style lia shishi son son

Julius blocks the attack but his blade is cracked

Zoro: good your Haki is strong

suddenly fear is starting to overcome Julius

Julius: is this murderous intent, this is the first time i have felt it this strong, do you have a grudge against me?

Zoro (smiling): no but maybe you can kill my boredom

Julius: who are you

Zoro: Roronoa Zoro, now enough talk

Julius: yea...... Helios!!!!!!!!!!!

julius swings his sword and creates a huge slash

Zoro: one sword style 360 pound canon

zoros attack destroys julius' but julius attacks with three similar attacks which cancelled out zoros

Zoro: ho youve got stamina

julius rushes in on zoro

Zoro: but no technique

zoro takes out all 3 swords

Zoro: santoryuu ougi asura sekai

julius runs by zoro and then turns aroung smiling

julius: you didnt do anything but dodge

Zoro: you couldnt see it huh

huge slashes appear on julius and the arena starts getting cut up and julius falls to the ground unable to move

Julius bearly concious: a delayed attack

Zoro: no, i just used slashes with enough technique behind it that they cut your body slowly

Julius: but when............ ah the instant i got close, in less than a second you cut me up, your form and technique are truly fearsom

Zoro: i let you live so perfect your technique and dont bore me next time, now my captin and nakama are waiting in the finals

julus: you arent captain of your crew? hahaha your captain must be a monster, so is he the one who beat all the beasts without touching them

Zoro: yea

the monster trios battle almost destroyed the arena so the organizers paid nami 3 hundred million berries to stop them half way, none of them wanted to be captain of the gladiator pirates, so as a prize luffy took the giant chicken,zoro took sake and sanji got a date with one woman of his choice (it turned out horribly), Zoro and the rest of the monster trio agreed that julius be captain of the gladiators but rules say the winner should lead the crew so after negotiations from robin and Nami it was decided that the gladiators would work for the SH aslong as they remain the champions, now the gladiators dont really want to fight the SH after seeing their power but if they do they are allowed to challenge them at any time and anywhere except the 3 warrior islands because a battle with any of the monster trio would cause alot of damage

Present time

Law: thats what happened

Akainu: tch