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Just as the title said i have been trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle which is the Punk hazard arc mainly to find out the antagonist of this arc. I believe Vegapunk is involved and the swordsman who cuts without killing leads me to trafalgar law. But when I thought i got near the answer here comes a chick with wings so i began saying it cant be law he didnt have a woman in his crew and plus his devil fruit dosent allow you to gain control of the parts he attached to you i mean remember the marines at saboady could still move their own body parts so that woman is either sent from heaven, a devil fruit user or a freak of nature. With the winged woman in mind and the research facility with giant kids Vegapunk seemed to be the perfect fit plus the WG must be protecting the island for a reason but one word threw me out of whack and that word is shichibukai. I mean vegapunk is the head scientist for the WG so he couldnt be a shichibukai so this brought me back to Trafalgar Law because I refuse to be live that Oda created so many separation related devil fruits plus a swords man with the same no kill cut ability as trafalgar law but Law helped Luffy at marine ford so Akainu must hate him and kizaru thinks of him as one of the ones who got away so it seemed impossible for him to be a shichibukai but if you climb higher up the government ladder there are people who hardly cares about things like that though they do put into consideration but to them stregnth and threat level means a hell of alot more for all who didnt already guess who these people are I mean the Gorosei. So i came up with a few wavering thoughts that i think are possible.

1. Law has gotten an angel on his crew plus he took an intrest in scientific research

2. By some miracle the WG got him to help Vegapunk or another research with somethings namely body guarding

3. Law took an intrest in the research and took the samurais son as a test subject for that purpose

4. Law has nothing to do with the current situation but cut up the samurai before he got to the island

5. Law is simply occupying the island and the samurai simply attacked him out of ignorance and got cut up

6. A totally new unexpect situation will reveal a new character.

So who do you guys think is the antagonist of this arc or will it be just as number 6 says ?????????????