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Before i start i have a question. will there be a chaapter this week?

Ok I know this is a little late but since thee time skip characters have begun to show their true skills so that will be what this blog is about.

ok first off is usopp, judging from the fisman island arc he didnt just get new weapons and improve his aim but also improved his ability to predict his opponents and set traps, as we witnessed with his fight with daruma, he stratigically shot his pop greens at the exact place he wanted them then stood where if daruma attacked they would activate and attack him then put him in the best place to recieve an attack.Usopp is a guy u wouldnt wanna play chess with.

Next is Franky, well franky improved his entire body with new and upgraded weapons and also arrived on a whole new level of inventing.

we really havent seen much of what nami and robin can do but i will compliment on their development as women, they are what all perverts dream of.

Chopper has done something with his devil fruit using medical science that would make vegapunk or clown jealous plus he mastered all the points he created using his DF.

Brook has figured out use his df to the full ability

luffy increased his strength by god knows how much so did sanji and zoro

and Law is strong enough to own a Vice Admiral plus he is a shichibukai

not so sure about smoker but any way he is a VA so he must have haki

tashigi is still weak and is still playing at that if i lose a fight to you, you must kill me bullshit, oh yeah she became a captain