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This a blog about how i think things with the straw hats and bigmom will play out

ok since the straw hats arrived in the new world in the previous chapter i will start from there. I think the SH will visit 5 or 6 islands under the control of pirates wether they be yonko, shichibukai, supernova or random strong pirates (all these guys will be super strong) plus the regular encounters with the marines this will make luffy even stronger .

If there is going to be a war with BM pirates and the SH then luffy is going to encounter allies on the islands he visits and for the battle against big mom they will assemble but BM will have more man power obviously but before luffy even reaches her i am sure she will try to crush him multiple times which will contribute to powering up luffy.

If they are just gonna have a small battle the SH wont need allies or large numbers they will use the regular crew and fight but they might get help but i dont want them to. Why dont i want them to get help. If luffy beats BM with the assistance of another super strong pirate other strong pirates will be saying stuff like ' the only reason straw hat beat bigmom was because of his help' or 'straw hat aint all that strong he only won because it was 2 against 1'.

Anyway if luffy beats BM he will be declared as a yonko probably so dont expect a fight soon because its not time for that yet. But if luffy gets his ass kicked he will try and try until he does and even before he beats her he will probably gain a reputation for fighting on par with a yonko which will piss of pirates like a certain murder crazy, firery haired magnet maniac or the only doctor that does surgery with a sword.