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destructive thoughts

This has been bugging me for a long time.Ever since the time skip the straw hats have demonstrated that they have enough power to destroy or cause massive geological changes to an island or a town minimal if they fought seriously against an equally powerful opponent and then the oda revealed the fact that people were having death matches on islands in the NW ( Aokiji and Akainu) and it is clear by judging the power of the individuals that fought on the island that the island was atleast changed geographically. So I began thinking and wishing that the straw hats would get involved in these high level, dangerous and destructive fights. I am hopping it will be some what similar to BB and Aces fight on Banaro island you know with monsterous finishers at the end.

Now i have some questions for you.

do you think luffy would crush an island in a fight?

Who would you want luffy to have this type of fight with in the NW first?

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