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What if when the straw hats reach the Wano Country or any other island famous for swordsmanship one of zoros swords had broken in battle and a famous sword maker who made many of the Saijo O Wazamono grade swords makes a sword for zoro with all the physical features of the ultimate named sword (meito) and with zoros skills it makes the name of the sword spread throughout the one piece world and the sword becomes knowon as the thirteenth Saijo O Wazomono grade sword. I would love to see the expression on tashigi's face if this happens i mean zoro would have shusui, the wado ichimonji ( kitetsu would be the broken one) and this awesome new sword. Even Mihawk would probably be surprised and also many sword hunters would target zoro making it a more fun adventure.

what do you guys think is it possible or just a pipe dream???