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This Blog is about 2 topics so i will just get started. The first is Brown Beard probably the most unlucky pirate in the New World especially with supernovas, why do i say this? Two years ago he was attacked by Hawkins and was told the shadow of death was upon him but he somehow survived ( i personally think Hawkins used his ability to make a Brown Beard voodoo doll), some time after this he probably met Law and was most likely cut up and fused with an aligator ( how else do you explain him being a centaur) and now after all that he meets Luffy who has practically 5x his bounty while he (Brown Beard) in the freezing snow wearing a coat that Luffy desires, sure sucks to be him!!!!

Next is about the eleven great pirates of this era and the past one. If you havent noticed that there are only eleven main pirates the cause unconditional fear where ever they go and these pirates are the Yonko and Shichibukai, and most of the strong guys who want to be PK end up in one of those positions eventually or they are eliminated by someone who holds one of those positions. Appearantly these are the two paths for strong pirates who want to be PK whether they like it or not because normally a pirate who believes themself to be strong in the new world will eventually challenge a yonko and if they win they most likely will take their title, but if they lose they might die, lose the will to continue their journey or rebound from their defeat with formidable strength. The ones who rebound are normally recruited by the WG as shichibukai because of their strength and reputation and normally the pirates need time to power up and the lack of marines attacking them would help with that so they normally agree (eg: moria and crocodile). But the main reason they are all so revered is because they are all people who the public see (in the yonkos case) or saw (in the warlords case) as the most dangerous pirates on the seas, causing chaos and destruction where ever they. No matter how you look at it these eleven pirates stand at the head of the pirates in the era, though there might be pirates which rival them but to the public it is the titles that count.

words for thought: dont you guys think it is strange that in all the 4 emperors and 7 warlords combined are equal in number to the 11 supernovas