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This is a blog about the difference in income and personal gain of big shot pirates as opposed to the income and personal gain of big shot marines.

Now we know stationed marine officers are pretty well off, just look at morgan and he was just a captain in the east blue. But they risk their lives just for that, now i dont know what other benefits they get but they train regularly, fight pirates on a regular basis and have to file reports on everything they do so they hardly have time to enjoy their riches.

Pirates on the other hand treasure hunt, steal, plunder, pilage, make underground deals, sell illegal goods, murder, make ransomes, they basically do what ever they want to make cash and nobody expects better because they are pirates.The downside is you gotta hide out sometimes because of a bounty on your head and you fight alot, but look at arlong though he wasnt all that powerfuk compared to the bigshots in the grand line he livved a sweet life by taking over a few villages and collectng their money, then using a little to pay off the marines after him.

To me if you are a strong person in the OP world the pirate life is the best life financially speaking. What do you think