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First of all i would like to say in your face to all the people who said it was impossible for Law to be a shichibukai, oh yea and he also currently has the highest bounty ever seen in one piece so far. So the recent chapter was a good one if i do say so myself, G-5 blasting through iceburgs to reach the island and meeting Trafalgar Law, Brook fighting the heads torso, franky showing us his new version of weapons left and we learnt that ussop has been sneaking across country borders using a banana boat, oh yea and they are going to meet the centars boss.

Now some questions began to pop up in this chapter like:

Where is Laws crew? Maybe they are on the island hope they didnt die

Who is the centars boss? since Law is there probably Jean Bart since he is the biggest one in his crew

Who is the one doing the expirements because it isnt law since the person in the lab said he wouldnt go out

Was this apart of the plan law mentioned when he said he would be sure to steal the proper throne?

What are they working on that would intrest Law? They might be trying to perfect the biological weapon vegapunk screwed up.

why did Law become a shichibukai, i ask this because he was not offered the position but instead he requested it so there has to be reason behind it.

Finally let me say that Trafalgar Law is a beast, taking 100 pirate hearts and sending them to marine HQ to get a seat in the shichibukai is really something also earning a 440 million beri bounty aint no picnic either he must have crushed alot of people. Saying this he is literally the Heart pirate who takes the heart of his enemies