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Hey guys monkey D StrawHat here with another blog and this one is about the start of the strawhats journey through the New world so it is about Punk Hazard.

So the Punk hazard arc had a really slow start to me but it was an interesting one I mean I think it is the first time ive seen a protoganist fight a dragon at the begining of an arc in any manga and the reason i said slow is well because we still cant tell for sure who the main villan of the arc is, is it Smoker, the liquid thing in chapter 658 or is it the yet to be revealed shichibukai (liquid guy might be the shichibukai) and there is also the chance there is someone else you just never know with Oda.

Aside from that the straw hats have now visited another globally historical land mark, first was logue town and now they have visited the battle field of ice and lava/Akainu and Aokiji also known as the place Vegapunk screwed up PUNK HAZARD. But their trip to punk hazard has gotten them into trouble because now they are being hunted by the pirates O wait no I mean marines known as G5 and their leader the infamous white hunter Vice Admiral smoker (WTF is this guys real name), also in the package for the trip is being captured by strange scientist and being introduced to a lot of kids. Oh and please remember the animals or should i say people no i mean or * cough cough* man call them what ever you want either way they are all half people half animal so please do not feed or ask them to become your nakama.

  • Side note from sponsors* we are not going to pay for any body parts which may have been seperated from your body

  • Another side note* Please do not bring any living skeletons, shape shifting reindeer, perverted cyborgs, swirly eyebrow cooks, rubber men, green haired swordsmen or users of the hana hana no mi as they might be dangeerous and aggressive towards the peopl trying to catch them.