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This is a blog about reasons why jinbe did not join the straw hats this arc

1. due to his bounty being equivalent or greater to luffys. saying this it would probably be a downer to have a captain that world gov classifies as an equal or lesser threat than you

2. Jinbe said this himself, he has ties to cut with big mom who i believe will be luffys biggest enemy in this saga

3. I believe jinbe needs a captain who will instigate fear in other pirates and the marines to protect his crew which is the reason he is working under big mom, though marines and pirates both fear luffy to an extent their fear and respect would grow greater after luffy beats big mom and probably claims her title

thank you. The reason i made this blog was because i noticed alot of people moping around because Jinbe didnt join this arc though i am sure he will join eventually. these are the reasons i have and i would like to hear yours.