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Monkey D StrawHat here and this will be my first attempt at a prediction so some constructive criticism would be highly appreciated. Oh and this is an arc prediction not a chapter prediction.

New arc: Pirate Bay

  • Marine HQ in the New World
  • Marine: Fleet Admiral Akainu the situation with pirate Bay has gotten out of hand
  • Akainu: What do you mean
  • Marine: I mean the Pirate Tortuga incharge of Pirate Bay has captured the 2 islands surrounding Pirate Bay
  • Akainu: So it is normal for a pirate to try and expand their territory
  • Marine: But he has blocked Marine ships from getting anywhere near those islands, also it seems that he is looting marine ships and selling the weapons and amunition to pirates
  • Akainu; Tch that Pirate scum why did he decide to move all of a sudden
  • On the seas of The New world
  • Zoro: Oi this is the last of them you done up there Luffy
  • Luffy: Yea but why are there so many pirates here and why did they attack us are they idiots?
  • Sanji: Marimo i got about 200 here what about you
  • Zoro: 220 nosebleed kun
  • Sanji: Shitty swordsman
  • Luffy: (holding a pirate by the throat) Where do yo keep the meat on this ship
  • pirate: In the kitchen
  • Nami: Luffy ask him where the treasue is
  • Zoro: Oi Nami you could atleast help
  • Nami: we figured you three would be enough for 10 ships
  • pirate; I thought we could take them and become famous before reaching pirate paradise but we were wrong
  • Robin: you dont mean
  • pirate: Yea pirate Bay thats the island where the log is pointing
  • Luffy: Robin what is this Pirate Bay
  • Robin: It recently started to appear in the news papers appearantly its an island that only pirates set foot on and is run by the veteran pirate tortuga
  • Franky: (super pose) ow Ive heard of this tortuga appearantly he sells top notch weapons to pirates and is nothing but bad news
  • Chopper: Really!!
  • Usopp: A pirate island ssss..sounds Scary
  • Brook: I feel a new single comming on and its name will be PIRATE ISLAND
  • Luffy: sounds fun
  • PIRATE BAY ( a desert island with giant lizards running around)
  • A big gut indian looking man with a turban on his head and a thick black beard and a cigar in his mouth
  • info box: Tortuga the white turban bounty 450 million berrys
  • Tortuga: you are good Mr.Crocodile but why did you come to this desert island and help me expand my turf and even help me to fend off the marines i cant believe its just for the weapons
  • Crocodile: Really I happen to love desert islands like this and i need high class weapons but only the marines have them but when i team up with you we both win right Mr.1
  • Daz bones: right Boss
  • Toetuga: A very quiet an dangerous looking subordinate you have there how much do you pay him
  • Crocodile: Mr.1 collects his cash off his on whim i dont pay him at all any way i will be taking my leave
  • Daz: hmm you fooled him huh
  • Crocodile: what do you mean i do need the weapons but i did use him to keep the marines from noticing my movements and who knows he might even hold off that damn straw hat for a while
  • Daz: Right this time we dont want anyone messing with our plans but you know Tortuga will die or atleast get locked up
  • Crocodile: If that happens its his fault for being such an idiot on these seas any ways we better set sail before the commotion starts
  • Daz: right

so what do you guys think should i conytinue or should i just stop