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  • News paper article* in current news the pirate monky d luffy has caused havok in the country of dressrosa. The Straw hat pirate seemingly entered a tournament and aquired the mera mera no mi and also defeated many prominent figures in the new world, also the other members of his crew commenced covert operations to defeat former shichibukai Doflamingo. Also the pirates also destroyed the slave/ prison city in dressrosa known as Escalvo and the island of Green bit was burned in a battle between the pirates and the navy. The Straw Hats plotting and freeing of the slaves also led to a civil war within dressrosa, seemingly they got help from not only the ex prisoners and slaves of dressrosa but some gladiators and pirates from the colloseum. Within the span of one day the Donquixote family was defeated and Dressrosa is having talks of becoming a democracy, the shichibukai Trafalgar Law is believed to have a hand in the whole incident. After Doflamingo's fall pirates, under world dealers and even countries are in chaos. People are calling this DRESSROSA WAR INCIDENT.

In a casino in the New world

Crocodile: hmph I doubt this was all Straw hats plan most likely Law planned it

Daz: But i bet it was Straw hat's unpredictableness that turned it in such an incident

Crocodile: Daz both you and i know why they destroyed Escalvo...... rumor has it that was where the SAD factory was right?

Daz: yea... so they are really gunning for kaido huh?

Crocodile: but removing Don from his thrown was really helpful, my customers have really gone up and my sphere of influence is expanding.... soon I will be ready to start a war of my own!!!!1

Info box: Crocodile 299,000,000 berries, Daz Bones 200,000,000 berries

On a ship in the New world

'???': Captain, captain, look at this!!!

XDrake; What the hell is this?! why the hell are straw hat and law fooling around kaido...*sigh* well it doesnt matter they have weakend him for me so i will leave them be but i am the one who will kill that monster

Info box: Red flag XDrake 420,000,000 million berries

Pictures of all the pirates around the New world nd their reactions to the events

A huge ship being pulled by 5 giant sea kings

???: King, have you heard about Doflamingo and our SAD supply

Info Box: hundred beast pirate combatant Tora 450,000,000

???: yeah...send condor to Dressrosa for leads on straw hat and Flamingo... find Don first he needs to be punished for his unreliableness and then i will show those brats how terrifying the king of beasts can be!!!

A muscular man seemingly shirtless sitting on a throne in the middle of the ship but his body is shadowed

Info box; the great pirate 100 beast kaido