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Ive been wanting to make a blog about this since i first saw trafalgar Law when the supernovas were introduced. I wanted to highlight that to me Law seems to be the most sadistic and blood thirsty supernova of them all, just look what he asked Drake when they met " How many people have you killed " the guy is the type of bad guy i like. He enjoys chaos and his ability helps him cut up his enemies without killing them leaving them terrified, vulnerable and unable to defend themselves so he can slowly kill them at his own leisure and he does it all with a sinister smile on his face as if he were enjoying every minute of their agony. He is the type of creep i love seeing in anime. He even smiled like he was remembering the fun he had when he cut out the pirates hearts when the marines mentioned it. Law also seems to really enjoy battle because he constantly taunts people with his sarcastic gestures, even his tone pisses kid off. But above all else i think he is a sneaky guy like crocodile that uses people and dont show his true intentions until the right time arrives.

All said an done i think when Oda made Law he was thinking of a scary bastard who could give luffy a run for his money