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This is a blog about how Law has developed his DF abilities over the past 2 years in reference to chapter 660. Ok se we all must have noticed that Law created the room, lifted the ship along with water and also what seems to be pieces of a mountain with just one finger. This can only mean three things:

1. Law is able create a even bigger room when he uses both hands, remember the saboady arc he stretched both hands out to create a huge room and since it was used along with Luffys gear third and kids giant metal fist i deduced that it was his largest attack at that time and now he can make a room as big as the one on saboady probably bigger with just a finger (i mean it can house a warship and pieces of a mountain) so it is safe to say if he uses both hands now the room would be damn huge and it would ptobably be impossible to escape from Law.

2. Law gained more mobility while using his room technique, pre time skip he seemed to have to stay in one place and cut up his foes while using room because it seemed to take alot of focus. But if he can move a warship with a finger he can probably dodge attacks and maybe use the abilitites of the room on his self like maybe that thing he did with bepo and jean bart for example smoker attacks him and he switches himself with a marine soldier also he might be able to cut his self up for quick escapes like buggys chop chop quick escape.

3. He can create the room much faster, remember when he fought the pacifista with Kid, the room took so long to form that the pacifista noticed and attacked him before the rooms completion which led to its destruction, but in chapter 660 he created a huge room in an instant.

This a random thought and has nothing to do with DF powers bu doesnt it seem that Law and smoker are familiar with each other, Law seemed to know how to deal with smoker and Law also didnt get too anxious unlike the smoke when smoker was mentioned on the contrary he was calm enough to tell smoker to get off the island though he did it as if he was saying back at you, also smoker seems to know about Laws ability, who knows maybe Law was one of smokers targets before he became a warlord.