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I dont think this blog would be classified as a next nakama blog but if it is oh well. Any way i think the SH are missing some nakama in terms of ability and personality. For example they have no one who fights soley using strength, you know someone like Jozu although he has a df but he uses it to increase the damage done by his monsterous strength. They also lack a logia or someone who can almost instantly heal themself, maybe i am the only one thinking that though. Personality wise i think they lack a nakama who is a little butler like, you know someone who follows orders to the letter and uses " sama " or " dono " when talking to people and a guy who is genuinely wild like an animal even more so than luffy, i am talkin tarzan style dressing and animal instinct, maybe he will be raised by animals.

These are just my thoughts, i mean some people think they are perfect the way they are and others may think they need people with different traits. So please tell me what you would want the next straw hat nakama to be like.