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We all know that the New World is known for crushing the dreams of all who enter especially those who believe themselves to be strong and have a high level of knowledge about the sea, but is it just the weather and some of the unexplainable things happening in the sea that makes the New World such a horrible place, I say no. I think one of the main reason New World is so scary is because of the powerful pirates and other super strong individuals that inhabit the New World, just imagine if the entire white beard pirate crew decided to go back into the waters of paradise and wreak havok, it would be catastrophic and destroy the balance of the world because most of the stronger marines would be sent to paradise to deal with them and then the pirates in the new world would go wild because no strong marines would be able to srop them. Caribou is a perfect example of someone who had his dreams crushed by people who are currently in the New World (Luffy and Pekoms), he was probably considering himself an almost invincible and super strong individual, he probably thought the only people he would ever have trouble with were other logia class devil fruit users but he found two people who could defeat him with one hit at that from with fruits from the other class of devil fruits I know it didnt say his dreams were crushed but there are only three reasons I can think of that would make him enter the New World now: 1) he has a super powerful boss in the New World, 2) he has courage that defies common sense, 3) he is a complete and utter idiot.

thats all folks