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2 Days after Akainu started his Crusade

Marine HQ

Akainu: this begins the meeting with the shichibukai, are all 7 present

all the Shichibukai are talking over video den den mushi

Hancock: yes

Buggy: yea yea

Enel: God is here

Lucci: present

Mihawk; .........

Bege: here

Bonny: yes

Akainu: good, first of all i dont know why Bege decided to join the shichibukai upon hearing about Laws expolsion a month ago butt it wont do yo any good

Bege: why is that

info box: Capone 'Gang' Bege former bounty 280 million berries

Akainu: Because the government will now take over islands and the territories that surround them, either with negotiation or by force, and all shichibukai must offer up their territories and also support the Governments crusade, refusal will result in the reactivation of your bounty

Lucci: Do you think the pirates will sit by while you take over, you will sink the world in a sea of blood

Info box: Rob Lucci "The Assasin" former bounty 342 million berries

Akainu: Lucci I respect your advice since you arent a pirate but you are still an outlaw so this time your words fall on deaf ears

Enel: This argument is meaningless to me since only God can control the world and God is me

info box: Thunder God Enel former bounty 500 million berries

Akainu: what are you trying to say?!

Enel: that what you are doing is futile and i will not give you my domain, so good bye

Enels screen goes blank

Hancock: same goes for me i do not want Amazon lilly in the hands of scruffy man, good bye

Hancocks screen goes blank

Buggy: i dont wanna give my turf to the government but i dont want to be on the losing side in another war either so.... do what you wan Akainu but dont expect much

info box Buggy the clown former bounty 80 million berries

Buggys screen goes blank

Bege: when your men get to my turf we will negotiate a deal

Beges screen goes blank

Mihawk: I have no turf and i will continue doing things the way i please, take those words however you want

Bonney: same here

Lucci: we will see what happens when your men get to my turf

All screens go blank

Akainu: filthy pirates all of them have their own schemes in in mind, well except for probably that clown

3 Days later on the ash covered Punk Hazard

Bepo: Captain!!!!

info box: Demon bear bepo 180 million berries

Law: what is it more marines

Bepo: no its the kuja ship

Law: Kuja?!

At the harbor

Law: what business does a shicchibukai have here

Hancock: former shichibukai now

Law: what?! what happened?

Hancock: that is not important, do you know where Luffy is

Law: yea i was heading there sinc i am done doing what i was doing here, but that aside how did you find me

Hancock: before you fought Big Mom i asked the men from G 5 where they last saw you and they told me here

Bepo: why would they tell you

Hancock: because i am beautiful

Bepo: sorry

Shachi and Penguin : dont apologize

Hancock: please, i know you formed an alliance with luffy so you must have an idea where he is so please tak me to him

Law: i said i was going to meet him so you can tag along but we are going to pass through a pretty annoying place

Hancock: that doesnt matter

Law: ok then, boys load the ship we are leaving now

Hancock: thank you

Law: dont thank me yet

a few hours later

Kuja pirate 1: i cant believe this man is soundly sleepin aboard the kuja pirate ship

Kuja pirate 2: plus he is on top of a sea monster is he brave or crazy

Sonia: he isnt crazy he is just confident, look at the sea monster

the sea monster is trembling with fear while Law is sleeping on its head

Law opens his eyes: we are here

Hancock runs out from the captains cabin: to where Luffy is?!

Law: no to the annoying place, i can already sense that person

Mari: sense i dont sense any one naybe you were dreaming

Law: no your haki is just weak

Sonia: what insolence! i specalize in observation and icant sense anything either

Law: hooo really now? then i guess you can stop those cannon balls miss observation specalist

Sonia: canon balls? i cant even sense a ships crew so even if you can sense someone they cant be in firing ra......

a cannon ball drops infront the ship

Hancock looks at Law

Sonia: what?! how is this possible i cant even see a ship

Law: if you think he is using a cannon you will die

Mari: girls stop those cannon balls

Kujas begin shooting down the cannon balls with arrows

Sonia: *sigh* it ended

Law lying down on top the seamonster with his eyes closed: no its just beginig

Mari: What?!

Hancock suddenly looks forward with a serious face

Law: he is here... Bepo tell the guys to get ready to fight

Sonia and Mari: you are finally going to do something?!

Kuja 1: i bet this guy who is comming is a weakling since even mari and sonias CoO cant pick him up

Kuja 2: and i bet that TRAFAL GUY is weak he was probably scared thats why he didnt do anything till now

a vain pops up on Laws forehead: *whispering* every where i go its this Trafal Guy crap

suddenly all the girls start trembling withe fear except for hancock

Hancock: so this is the person you were speaking of

Laws crew walks out

Jean Bart: this guy?, its going to be troublesome huh captain

Law: yea

Sonia: Big sis what is this, is it haoshoku

Hancock: no it is much more simple.... it is blood lust

Mari: we arent that weak to tremble at blood lust

Law: compared to him you are

the girls notice that none of Laws crew are trembling

Sonia: so why arent you guys afraid

Law: we haave seen worse

Hancock: listen girls this is the true terror of the new world

A ship sails up between a wreakage of marine ships

Kid: this is what happens when you underestimate me governmet, sending only 1 vice admiral to take my head hahahaha, i couldnt even enjoy the fight, but maybe if it was the white hunter or that dog Vergo i could have had some fun

kid is holding the giant Vice Admiral Lacroix by his throat with a giant metal hand whil Lacroix is covered in blood and knocked out

Killer: well this other guy might be a little more fun

Kid tosses lacroix in the sea

Kid: it will be fun, right trafalgar

Law: as brutal as ever i see

Kid: what are you doing here you know what i do to un invited guests, plus you are traveling with someone working with the government

Law: we are just passing through and if possible we would like to avoid a fight

Killer: why are you passing through

Law: i am going to the swee islands

Kid: Law i have some business to do but i could kill you before i go, so lets just settle our old score

Killer: but Kid if we leave them alone too long that person could destroy our base

Kid: tch, thats true but i dont wanna let this bastard go

Killer: Kid......

Kid: O Crap!! ok but next time i see him he is dead

kids ship sails away

Law: we are lucky that he took today to re establish his alliance

Hancock: what do you mean lucky

Law: i mean all these girls would be dead, since they couldnt even move in his presence

Mari: so he is the one of the guys in the lead with Luffy for the next yonko Eustass Captain Kid he is way too powerful

Law: dont be inconsiderate i am one of those guys too you know

Hancock: *thinking* true kid is amazing but Law is frightening as well, even i was shaken by Kids blood lust but law was completely calm.... what kind of things do they witness in this New World. I hope Luffy is ok

Sonia: what do you mean reestablish his alliance i thought he was already in one

Law: are you really a pirate,*sigh* listen once the goal has been attained there isnt a need for an alliance anymore so all the members go their seperate ways. But any one can see that the government is planning something so now is the time to reforge alliances

Mari: i understand, so is that why you are meeting luffy

Law: Straw Hat and i have a you scratch my back and i scratch yours thing going on so it wouldnt make sense to destroy that while we arent getting in each others way

Hancock: i see, thats ok then, thank you for helping my luffy

Law is lying down on the sea monster sleeping again

Crew: He's asleep again!!