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    • News paper article* in current news the pirate monky d luffy has caused havok in the country of dressrosa. The Straw hat pirate seemingly entered a tournament and aquired the mera mera no mi and also defeated many prominent figures in the new world, also the other members of his crew commenced covert operations to defeat former shichibukai Doflamingo. Also the pirates also destroyed the slave/ prison city in dressrosa known as Escalvo and the island of Green bit was burned in a battle between the pirates and the navy. The Straw Hats plotting and freeing of the slaves also led to a civil war within dressrosa, seemingly they got help from not only the ex prisoners and slaves of dressrosa but some gladiators and pirates from the colloseum. Wi…
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  • Monkey d strawhat

    How a VA moves up

    February 10, 2013 by Monkey d strawhat

    I've been reading the manga and saw Smoker get owned a lot, so i started thinking didnt he say he was only the commander of his fleet while Vergo was commander of the G5 base, so Vergo is higher up on the ladder than Smoker right.So lets get to the point i think if a VA wants to become an admiral he has to move up from being a fleet commander like Smoker to being a base commander like Vergo then probably become something like a region commander like maybe Garp (i am just assuming that Garp had a position like that) and after proving his dominance in his region which might take years, he will then be promoted to admiral.

    what do you guys think?????

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  • Monkey d strawhat

    2 Days after Akainu started his Crusade

    Marine HQ

    Akainu: this begins the meeting with the shichibukai, are all 7 present

    all the Shichibukai are talking over video den den mushi

    Hancock: yes

    Buggy: yea yea

    Enel: God is here

    Lucci: present

    Mihawk; .........

    Bege: here

    Bonny: yes

    Akainu: good, first of all i dont know why Bege decided to join the shichibukai upon hearing about Laws expolsion a month ago butt it wont do yo any good

    Bege: why is that

    info box: Capone 'Gang' Bege former bounty 280 million berries

    Akainu: Because the government will now take over islands and the territories that surround them, either with negotiation or by force, and all shichibukai must offer up their territories and also support the Governments crusade, refusal will result…

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    The stage is that the 2 yonko kaido and big mom have fallen at relatively the same time but in two different areas, BM beaten by the alliance of Law, Luffy, Jinbe and due to some reasons Crocodile and Kaido beaten by the Apoo, Kid and Hawkins alliance, but all the members of both alliances crews are in a sorry state and the other big shots in the New World are running wild trying to take over one of the empty spots, but the marines (Akainu) have a plan to end it all.

    One month after the yonko have fallen. Marine Base

    Akainu: Gorosei it is time to act, time to destroy all the pirate scum before they make the world even worst

    Mikel (the gorosei with the spots on his forehead): But your plan will destroy the Era as well

    Akainu: It needs to be des…

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  • Monkey d strawhat

    This is a blog about the difference in income and personal gain of big shot pirates as opposed to the income and personal gain of big shot marines.

    Now we know stationed marine officers are pretty well off, just look at morgan and he was just a captain in the east blue. But they risk their lives just for that, now i dont know what other benefits they get but they train regularly, fight pirates on a regular basis and have to file reports on everything they do so they hardly have time to enjoy their riches.

    Pirates on the other hand treasure hunt, steal, plunder, pilage, make underground deals, sell illegal goods, murder, make ransomes, they basically do what ever they want to make cash and nobody expects better because they are pirates.The do…

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