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What if!!

What if... ya all listening right? Good. What if... hold on hold on. Don't take your eyes away from here just 'cuz you see that there's a lot of irrelevant words and you think it's easier to just say f*** it all and just skip it. Stay with me! Focus! WHAT IF...*looking to my left*,*looking to my right*. WHAT IF LUFFY DIED!!

Nah, I'm just messing with you. That's not it. The real Q. is... LUFFY SPENT THE TWO YEARS EATING!!

LOL! I got ya all there! You really thought I was serious! LOL! I can just picture You'r faces! HAHAHAHA! You crazy sons of b******! A-right sucka!

No man I'm serious now...*fighting to hold the laughter back*... what if the SH's are overpwered and have gotten to strong for just two years!