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I made this page so that I could clear my mind. And don't mind the spelling errors, I am a 14 year old kid from Denmark!

Okay, here.. we.. go!

I was wondering what kind of transfermstions Luffy has undergone besides learning haki and mastering Gear 2 and maybe Gear 3. Is it possible that maybe Luffy is on the same level as Doflamingo? Or is he too strong of an example? Then let's start with... I don't know... maybe... Kuma in his original form? I know much isn't known about him and he has undergone a full-transfermation making him a what? Full robot? All I know is that he has gotten slower and weaker because of him loosing his typical senses. But at what level is he exactly? And what about Zoro and Sanji? Have they undergone some crazy trainig with Mihawk and Emperior?! I wan't to know?!

Could it be that Luffy maybe gets a finale face-off with "Smokey"? Or is he too little of a chalenge for him in his new form? And I was wondering are there maybe upcoming between "Red-Hair Pirates" and "Straw-hat Pirates".Because at the start of the series one of Luffys dreams is to surpass Shanks. So to prove that he has surpassed him the two crews fight? Or maybe it's "Black-beard Pirates" versus "Straw-hat Pirates"? If so will the story end there? Or will there be a new enemie? Or does he simple have to get to Raftel if that is the right location of One Piece?

What do You think?