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I've been wondering these last couple of days aboyt this topic. Can a bounty decrease? If a pirate becomes old, weak or even become forgotte would that make his/her bounty to drop?

I'm just thinking out loud here:

Yes it can because the WG have to do it since the bounties and bribes cuts down their budget so much. If the pirate has a low bounty that means he isn't so dangerous. And thus more bounty hunters will look for that pirate. I don't know if I'm explaining this the way I'm thinking so I will give you an example:

A pirate has just attacked a marine battleship. The WG gives the pirate a bounty of 2 mil. Beli. After 10 years has passed by. The pirate has gotten old and the WG uses that opportunity to give the pirate a lower bounty. The amount is 1 mil. Beli. The pirates act hasn't been forgotten. He will still get punished. He just isn't worth the same as in his prime-time.

That's what I think. You can give your thoughts if you want.