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    I've been wondering these last couple of days aboyt this topic. Can a bounty decrease? If a pirate becomes old, weak or even become forgotte would that make his/her bounty to drop?

    I'm just thinking out loud here:

    Yes it can because the WG have to do it since the bounties and bribes cuts down their budget so much. If the pirate has a low bounty that means he isn't so dangerous. And thus more bounty hunters will look for that pirate. I don't know if I'm explaining this the way I'm thinking so I will give you an example:

    A pirate has just attacked a marine battleship. The WG gives the pirate a bounty of 2 mil. Beli. After 10 years has passed by. The pirate has gotten old and the WG uses that opportunity to give the pirate a lower bounty. The am…

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  • Monkey D. Madness

    What if!!

    September 22, 2011 by Monkey D. Madness

    What if... ya all listening right? Good. What if... hold on hold on. Don't take your eyes away from here just 'cuz you see that there's a lot of irrelevant words and you think it's easier to just say f*** it all and just skip it. Stay with me! Focus! WHAT IF...*looking to my left*,*looking to my right*. WHAT IF LUFFY DIED!!

    Nah, I'm just messing with you. That's not it. The real Q. is... LUFFY SPENT THE TWO YEARS EATING!!

    LOL! I got ya all there! You really thought I was serious! LOL! I can just picture You'r faces! HAHAHAHA! You crazy sons of b******! A-right sucka!

    No man I'm serious now...*fighting to hold the laughter back*... what if the SH's are overpwered and have gotten to strong for just two years!

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  • Monkey D. Madness

    If Usopp want's to be a brave warrior of the sea should he not look for a DF? That would surely make him strong. And if he had the Mato Mato no mi he would have been lucky. But he needs to find something that fits his sniper stile. Like a Paramecia that gives you that power to control his bullets or whatever he is shooting with.

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  • Monkey D. Madness

    New World 3

    September 1, 2011 by Monkey D. Madness

    Luffy places Smoker's body somewhere hiding on the island. Because of the respect Luffy has grown for Smoker Luffy takes his time finding the right place.

    The crew are really happy that Luffy beat Smoker. All but one.

    Robin: Luffy! This is not the time to be glad! Why is there a Gorosei after us!

    Luffy: I don't know. But now is not the time for those kind of things. We need to be glad. I finally beat that smoke guy.

    Nami: *Get's serious* Luffy, Robin is right. Why the hell would a Gorosei come after us? They did'nt even act against guys like WB,BB and Shanks!

    Luffy: *Confused look* Who the hell was that old man?

    Sanji: Hey dumb can you be?!

    Robin: That's one of the leaders of the WG.

    Luffy: Wow, he sounds strong.


    The crew h…

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  • Monkey D. Madness

    New World 2

    August 31, 2011 by Monkey D. Madness

    Smoker: Finally we meet again, Mugiwaru.

    Smoker turns to smoke and pursues Luffy. Tashigi draws her sword and and run after them too.

    Luffy: Damn it! It's that Smoke guy again. Why does he keep following us?

    Zoro: Not her again! *Pictures of Kuina runs through his mind*. No! Let's run!

    Nami: What's wrong with you?

    Usopp: Damn it! They are catching up to us!

    Luffy slowly falls back. Untill he is about 10 foot away from them.

    Smoker: So you finally stop running.

    Luffy: I'm not the same person from 2 years ago.

    Robin: Luffy! Now is not the time! We need to get back!

    Smoker: Don't run now. Finally you stand up and fight me. I wan't to take my revenge.

    Luffy: Baka! You think I would run from weaklings like you. Once and for all... *Luffy runs towards smok…

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