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Luffy's Revenge

Don't know about you guys but I feel sorry for Blackbeard and Akainu as they are possibly directly to blame for Ace's Death you can say..... I think luffy will kick their butts one day not only for revenge but he is gonna have to fight them eittherr wayy.I personally can wait to see Blackbeard display his full power because i think we still haven't seen him at full strength, Akainu will probably be an easier opponet compared to Blackbeard considering the Two year time skip and Blacks new Earthquake powers, but Akainu will still be a formiable opponet for luffy and he most likely will struggle to beat him, I predict these fights near the end of the series especially the blackbeard fight, after the Time Skip I think Luffy is strong but not yet to defeat an Admiral but i think he can fight on par for some before being defeated or a draw............. What do u guys think....

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