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Sorry for the weird title.

Well its full form is Truly Unknown Theories Yield.

and this time TUTY goes for One Piece

There are certain questions about OP that bother me and i guess others too.

so i have posted those questions and it will be a big help if you help me find a proper answer.

  1. Does SH need a new crewmate? and if then will the new ST crewmember be girl or a guy?
  2. Who will be the new Fleet Admiral? one of the admirals or a new person?
  3. Is Luffy's mother alive and if she is then where is she?
  4. Is Sabo alive and if he is then where is he?
  5. What do you think One Piece is? treasure? message? or piece of meat?
  6. What do you think Dragon is ploting? a attack on World Government or something else?
  7. Was the message asked Buggy to be a Shichibakai or it was ment for something else?
  8. What the hell is Bleckbeard doing for past 2 years? plotting or fooling around?
  9. When the Lady said the Luffy is going to destroy Fisherman Island, what did she ment?
  10. What do you think Garp and Sengoku is doing right now? retired and chilling or started bounty hunting business?
  11. What do you think formar CP9 is doing now? killing or chilling?
  12. What is Vivi doing now? looking for prince or still thinking of being a pirate?
  13. Whose baby was Makino holding on that chapter's title page? Ace's? or boyfriend's?
  14. Who is the 4th strongest in SH and who is the weakest?
  15. AND FINALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION Who is the best Zoro or Sanji?

Thank you for your time and opinions and bearing with my spelling mistakes

thank you