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[[File:Makinochild.jpg|thumb|276px]In a current One Piece chapter coverpage we all saw that Makino is holding a baby. I am sure that the first question that came to everyone's mind was "Whoes baby is that?" abd i am sure that thier first guess is "Ace?". but not everyone thinks alike so everyone got different opinions and i would like to hear them.

there are some Questions that pops up im my mind when i see this picture:

#Whoes baby is that? #

  1. Is it Ace's and she is just raising him/her?
  2. Is he or she?
  3. Does Makino has boyfriend or got married and if yes then who is that lucky man?
  4. Is it shanks? every great pirate left their wife to achive their dreams like roger and dragon.

These are some questions that bugs me and i think that some of then bugs you too. so please comment your opinions tobring up a conclution of this confusion.