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Yo Guys

MDM is here (just joking)

With me I have brought my contribution to this New One Piece related blog Era (if you are not against it then you are with it)

As mysterious as the title sounds, the question is simple.

Who was Portgas. D. Rouge?

Portgas D. Rouge Portrait

One of the best One Piece Mothers

At first glace she looks like complete Innocent girl (like Caring16)

  • Simple life.
  • Normal clothes.
  • Innocent voice.
  • Nice and quite place to live.

But lets do a background check, shall we?

  • She was wife of one of the most admired pirate, the Pirate KingGol. D. Roger.
  • She was mother of a well respected and loved pirate Portgas. D. Ace
  • She kept Ace in her womb for 20 months with nothing but sheer will power. (ask your mom how were the 9 months, and whatever she tells you, times it by 2)

Now these two facts has really been stuck in my brain and it keeps asking, Who was Portgas. D. Rouge?

Just like how Roger Pirate Vice Captain Silvers Rayleigh has Shakuyaku as his partner(in my opinion). To me Rouge does not looks as Innocent as shown.

I think she was also a former pirate when she met Gold Roger. And her love story with Roger started just how Luffy's and Hancock's started (if Luffy and Roger are so similar then their love stories might be similar too).

Or was she a simple girl from a village like Kaya and Roger just happened to drop by like Ussop and their love story developed.

There can be many questions be raised oh her past so i would like to ask you about what do you think about Portgas. D. Rouge?

Comment your creative response below and keep spamming out of it.