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Yo OP-Odd-balls(me included)

MDM here with another blog about bonding with One Piece characters (_ _ ) (someone tell me why am I doing this?)

ok ok now before you report this blog to Admin for deletion, just listen to this idea at least .. no this is NOT where you choose a One Piece character and marry them and create a family >_> that shit is old as Fronky's last invasion =_=

Now the goal is to make your own family but you acting as the middle son/daughter of the family. You have to choose various One Piece characters to play the role of your parents and siblings and create a perfect family.

You will have to choose .. (compulsory)

  • A Father (Now ladies, daddy's job is to go to work and bring cash home .. I hope you understand that >_>)
  • A Mother (guys .. she is your mother .. CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!!)
  • A Older Sister or Older Brother (NO INCENT ALLOWED)
  • A Younger Brother or Younger Sister (again NO INCENT ALLOWED)

Extra (un-compulsory)

  • A Pet

Yes, you HAVE TO choose father, mother, brother and sister even if you have beef with your own parents or siblings >_> its compulsory. The Pet is exception =_= if you want grandpa and grandma then sure. Expand the family at will but no more then 7 members including pet.

Ok so choose carefully and make wise choice cause ..


This quick blog is over and MDM is out >_>

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