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Evening fellow hopeless beings, MDM here.

I really wanted to do a blog that is new and out of blue so after a long search I found a topic. This topic may not interest all but its worth discussing.

We have many times thought as Food for thought, but to eat that food we need to cook it first. When we talk about cooking, Sanji is the first person from One Piece that comes to mind.

Sanji's cooking skills are out of this world as seen on few occasion. If you have no idea about what I am talking about then please watch the links bellow and you may have a idea of what I am talking about.


Sanji is one man Cook Army.

It took him like 5 seconds, BEAT THAT EARTH COOKS !!!

Now with the fact that Sanji was already a god-level chef, we can't forget that he was on the Kama-hell Island for 2 years. He was not shooting some C-Grade Yoai film, he was training there and learning the 99 Newkama Recipes. The way he came back to the meeting place after time-skip in one piece, we can assume that he succeeded in learning all Recipes.

Food is what makes existence of living being possible and when you add skills to that food, it becomes a boost that takes your fighting power to next level and helps you recover from body-damage. If you read Toriko then you may have a idea what I am talking about. Thus food is ultimate support for pirates and marines of the sea.

I am really interested in knowing what kinda cooks did pirates like Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks, Big Mom, Blackbeard or other notorious pirates have. It may not look as important but I consider cook as one of strong back-bone of a pirate crew.

Now all this cooking aside I have 3 question which I would like to know your opinion on ..

  1. Why has Sanji not shown his new-learned cooking skill yet? Or did we miss it?
  1. How do you think the SHs strength and skill will improve from Sanji's cooking?
  1. Where are the Whitebeard's Cougar Nurse Squad??

Well thats all so start cooking your thoughts and serve them hot in the comment plate bellow.

This cook blog is over, MDM out.

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