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Yo MDM here.

As you can read the title, This blog is all about Ussop Spell!!!.

Well I am still sure that we will see the wrath of Ussop-dono's Ultimate Technic again that he used to conquer the God.


I would like to see how creative you guys are. In my last creative thinking bog about Negative Hollow!!! you guys did really good job.

Ok so its simple, Make your own Ussop Spell.

Here are some example.


"your girlfriend kicked you in balls when you proposed her"

"A new One piece chapter comes out but your computer broke down"

"YOur GF agreed to have safe sex and there is no condom"

"Sanji and Zoro starts being friends and give up fighting"

"Oda decided that One Piece will only comes out on Fun4Kids version"

Ok so please show how creative you are.

Will be waiting to hear your Painful Ussop Spells

MDM, The Ahou King

MDMLeave it...My Animations 21:58, August 28, 2011 (UTC)