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MDM : Oi Oi Everyone, MDM here. (Manly Yellow Explosion in background)

Random guy in background: LIKE WE ARE !!!!

MDM: (in corner crying) they love me so much *sniff* *sniff*.

MJ: (throws a orange joice bottel at MDM) Get this show over with dammit !! I have to go home early or i will miss Dora the Explora.

MDM: Ok Ok, SO we have Pirate King Gold Roger. But we do not know hwo is the Pirate Queen. So i would like to ask you guys ....

Who is the Pirate Queen??

1151847-boahancockfullbody large.jpg|The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock Big Mom portrait.png|Mother of all mothers BIG MAM Catarina portrait.jpg|World's Most Dangerous Female Pandawoman.jpg|PANDAWOMAN XDXD </gallery>

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