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Ahoy my naughty Cucumbers and Mellorines

MDM here.

And as you can see I bought "TUTY" with me. Due to TUTY'S mysterious success in he past I decided to give it a another try. To all who are not similar what Tuty is, Tuty stands for "Who cares". Its just a random name i picked when i was drinking while Blogging.
So last Tuty was some-what success and i got answers to most of my Questions. This time i do not have manly Q as the last one but i have some serious nuts to crack.

1. Do you think that the ability that Kuma has in his plams also apply to his feet ???

2. Do you think that the way Luffy uses Gear 3 to enlarge his arm, He can use Gear 3 to enlarge his entire body and become GIANT LUFFY !!!???

3. Repeated Q but still who is the man having drink with Crocus in this Picture?? THIS ONE.

4. I just really want to know the opinion of the new members so who do you think is the new Fleet Admiral and why??

5. Why did chicken cross the road?? ... ... don't even answer that.

6. What do you think Moria is up to in this past 2 years ???

7. Are you satisfied with the new powers of SHs?? or were you looking for more epic stuff??

8. Who do you think is the main antagonist of One Piece?? World Government?? Blackbeard?? Akainu?? or something else??

9. What do you think Robin has been doing with Revolutionizes during past 2 years??

10. Would you prefer Sabo to be alive or dead so Luffy has a reason to hate World Government??

Ok so these are the once i would like to hear your opinion on.

Give it your best.

Monkey.D.Me 23:13, October 3, 2011 (UTC)