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Yo MDM here.

Well now we have the Noah in sight again. It has caught my attention again and that has made me wonder again that what is NOAH???

As we saw Neptune was not worried that its moving but was worried that its not the right time....... that leaves only one possibility that this ship is what FI people use to go to surface. i know that its a normal opinion and blah blah but hear my full explanation please. (its no essay i promise)

I think that Neptune and rest of the FI are waiting for a day when WG declare a Ally friendship with FI and amongst Merfoks and humans. Once they have the trust of the humans and WG, they all will go to surface and live amongst them (under the real sun with carnivals and blah blah). BUT that day haven't come yet. After what Jinbe did to WG and left the Shi post, the WG has no intention to ally with FI. therefore this SHIP is a kind of HOPE for people of FI and is not to be moved. AND since the ship is so important it can't be destroyed either (so all you who thought that luffy will smash it or sea kings will smash it, can just give up). It must be stopped and i have feeling that neptune will risk life and use all his strength to stop the Ship until SH come ( which means he will die and by the end of this arc SHs will have Hairy Tuna for bento). So this ship is a hope for people of FI that they will once use this to travel to surface and live happily amongst the humans. (which i think humans won't agree with unless they are out of Tuna stock)

i do not know if its possible for humans and FI people to live together but as long as FI stays where it is its safe there. As far as i know that people in FI has advantage against invasion against World Government if they fight underwater.

Who knows Oda might have couple tricks in his sleeves. (like making a account in One Piece Wiki XDXDXD)

One Piece is mysterious place and so is this Titanic like Noah.

so until we get to know the truth about Noah, i will leave it .............. to luck !!!

Still serious on this topic, THE AHOU KING!!!

MDMLeave it...My Animations 02:41, August 25, 2011 (UTC)