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Sworn Enemies

Good morning my Brothers and Girlfriends.

Today I stand *sits down* before you with a question. A question that will arise time to time and will challenge our wikia.

So join my my fellow wikia- .. .. .. ok lets cut the crap and get to business.

We all have seen how much Strawhats have powered up during the Fishman Island arc. The Monster Trio are powerful enough to take on Vice Admiral and walk away without a scratch. The rest of the crew have stepped then strength to a level that they make buster call looks like ant fart. Ok ok jokes aside.

As the title says "Sworn Enemies" I am talking about each Strawhats's individual enemy that they were suppose to face but lost but later was helped by Luffy.

For example: Some strawhats have a Sworn Enemies.

Nami => Arlong

Franky => Lucci

Chopper => Wapor

Ussop => Kuro

Sanji => Don Krig

Zoro => Mihawlk

Brook => Moria

But some Strawhat have the entire world as their enemy which includes Robin and Luffy.

Now after the time-skip every Strawhat can beat their Sworn enemy. Yes they can. They may have just showed us little of their strength but it is still enough to say that they have surpassed their sworn enemy.

BUT !!!

My question to you all is ..

How easily will do you think that SH can beat their sworn enemy? What level of difficulty will they have?

It is absolutely positive they they will beat them but what I would like to know from you all is the level of difficulty.

Of course let me remind you all that its pre Time-skip villains fighting after Time-skip SHs.

So if we are comparing level of difficulty for Ussop beating Kuro then we take Kuro from when we first met him and Ussop from Fishman Island.

So get your thinking gears started and think of the level of difficulty it will take the SHs to beat their sworn enemies. Very easy, easy, mid-easy, mid, mid-hard, hard, very hard.

So this confusing blog is over and MDM is out~~