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There is so much that can happne in new world after strawhats enter. followings are what i want to see:

  • luffy and shanks meet eachother
  • luffy and his crew visit ace and WB's grave
  • luffy face kid
  • Big mom turns out to be Lola's mother
  • A sharpshooter match between ussop and yassop
  • a battle between shank's and luffy's crew to find out who has the best crew
  • Every strawhat's dreams are achived (zoro the best swordman, all blue for sanji ect....)
  • Akainu beaten to pulp or killed for the good
  • Sengoku and Garp joins forces and beat all wannabe pirates in new world
  • A grand Final fight between Strawhats and Blackbeard Pirates on Raftel

some of these are impossible but still likable so tell me if i missed something important.

Again please ignore my spelling mistakes, i was born a bad speller and i am the most wanted man in the world of "spellin bee"