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Greetings wikians who just love to make un-realistic parings of characters and wiki members =_= shame on you !!

MDM here with a piece of mind to share and discuss (*^*) its kinda serious so please don't expect ahou jokes (_ _)

Today while reading other manga, I came across yesterday's One Piece chapter again and thought of re-reading it. While reading the part where Law switches hearts of SHs randomly .. I noticed how Franky remained in Chopper's DF state even after trade of heart. This can mean that DFs are consumed as food and later after digesting it you export the remaining in toilet while reading newspaper or porn magazine if you prefer that. But the power of DF remains in your bones even after the DF has left your body. Thus supporting Sanji's one of the famous quote and also putting a hypothesis that ..

Couple of weeks ago there was huge argument over if Bon Clay's DF allows him to also copy other person's DF ability of not. Thou the debate was one-sided as most said "no" but it was still left Un-decided. There were also debates on past if Moria can exchange Ace's power to someone from the shadow of Ace's dead body. and many more debates but looks like this one panel ended all of my questions. Thou there are special cases like ..

  • Brook (No heart)
  • Blackbeard (weird body and more then one DFs)
  • Merman (If law transforms a mermaids heart with Robin, will she be able to swim?)

and ect. ect.

SO, this was my conclusion of this discovery and I am sure most of you already knew or not surprised by it .. still, tell me what do you think about this? DO you agree with the hypothesis of PEOPLE ARE HEARTS and DFS ARE BONES ?? of do you have a hypothesis of your own? please share your opinions.

This quick-yet-serious blog is over and MDM is out >_>