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Hello Fellow Wiki Members, Monkey.D.Me here.

Unless you missed the capitalized word "OVERRATED" in the blog title, let me repeat myself, ..


Of course I am speaking for myself, not behalf of everyone on this wiki yet the curiosity continues .. am I the only one who feels this way?

Lets me list couple of points that I feel makes New World something that Oda plans while drinking RedBull:

  • Logic-less weather - One Piece is on par with Naruto's logic .. things don't have to make sense as long as they provide their weekly chapters. Normal Weather conditions are way too mainstream, so lets go commandos and just go out of the BOX! more like out of this world maybe on mars >_>
  • DFs for SALE - FOR SELL! FOR SELL!! DFs for SALE! Buy one Logia and get a Zoal FREE! FREE! FREE!* Available in SAD stores near you, offer while supplies last and no rain-checks available. *Conditions apply.
  • Bounties - The World Government's economy collapse is very near, according to a multi-billionaire real estate tycoon Doflamingo, if the bounty give-away continues like this for all little-small name Pirates in New World .. its is very likely that World Government might face a financial crisis and it can lead Grand Line in to Great Depression. This was special report by Monkey.D.Me from Mariejois with cameramen MJ, MEGUSTA NEWS!
  • Science to Fairy Tail - Remember when Vegapunk worked really hard to make cyborg animals and then Pasifista? .. well its a Child rocket-science nowadays .. artificial DFs manufacturing factories?? Oh come on .. thats a first-class discrimination to all sweat-shops in West blue >_> .. and lets not forget Dragons and Harpies ..
  • Haki is the new BLACK - All the Cool kids have it, why don't you? Wait till issue sailing licenses that you get if you pass a Haki Test .. .. .. .. Tsk, don't look at me, it can happen.

and more and more nagging by your dear old MDM with new World-Issues >_> .. but again, thats is what I feel about the current "development" in One Piece after time-skip ..

So how about you? What do you think about New World now? Good? So-so? not impressed? EPIC? Shit is getin real? Boobies? Lack of fan-service? .. .. what ever you feel .. please comment bellow ..

Thanks you for reading this rant-blog, MDM out >_>