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Yo exited-punks from recent chapter.

Well if you didn't read it yet then don't read this blog and read the chapter first. Don't burn yourself later saying I didn't warn you .. .. oh burning reminds me, This new chapter was HOT !!!

Aside from Nami's new bikini and Robin's new dress, there was lots of heat involved in the chapter from the start to finish.

While we were fan-boying that Dragon ate a Dragon Dragon no Mi, a real one shows up and he can speak perfect English or Japanese in Oda's case. But in my opinion that dragon is the guard beast.

This entire arc is giving the same feeling as Thriller Bark Arc.

A trap that signaled ST's location to Moria. A random prank-call from someone who is getting sliced at KFC
Few people from the crew go to savage the Island. What do you know, Super Lucky 49 exists in One Piece too. Zoro, Robin, Luffy and Ussop won. Prize? A trip on mini-merry cruise to tropical island. Bring your lunch from home and conditions apply.
A guard beast with 3 heads, one of them feels like he is on the wrong body. A guard Dragon who speaks in 3 languages. Press 2 for Japanese and 3 for Italian.

Well this is just me, you may feel different and I would love to hear your thoughts.

What is Punk Hazard??

Who is that Dragon??

Why is the sea on fire?? (last time I checked, oil tankers only leaked in our world)

Robin knows so much about New World, surprised?

Do you feel that Zoro will finally get some spot-light and action with new sword as bonus?

What do you think Smoker's role in this arc?

Please share your opinions and theories and lets keep ourselves busy till the next heated chapter comes out.

This heated review and theory blog is over and MDM is out.