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One Piece Doriki - Power Level

Hey this is MDM

Recently I thought of Doriki (Power Level) which was first introduced in Enies Lobby Arc. By CP9 group.

According to Fukuro's measurement CP9's member's Doriki was as following shown in the image but what I am more interested is what will be their Doriki now after the time skip and what will be Doriki of other One Piece characters like Strawhats, Marines, Shichibukai and Yonkous.

Here is my opinion of what their Doriki is now but i am really intrested in your opinions so plese comment on what you think it really should be and which character's Driki did i miss to write.

The diriki below is what i think will be power level of their strongest attack. For example Nami's thunder Tempo has power of 1000 normal human so her doriki is 100.

Luffy : 25000

Zoro: 18000

Sanji: 15000

Nami: 100

Ussop: 250

Chopper: 900

Robin: 1100

Franky: 1200

Brook: 500

Monkey.D.Me: 8888 (sorry i was being selfish)

Dragon: 20000

Garp: 18000

Sengoku: 11500

Aokiji: 15000

Kizaru: 18000

Akainu: 20000

Kong: 12000

Smoker: 8000

Whitebeard: 35000

Gold Roger: 50000 (over this you cant be called human)

Rayleigh: 25000

Shanks: 30000

Buggy: 80

Lucci: 8000

Jabra: 3000

Kalifa: 800

Kaku: 5000

Blueno: 1000

Kumadori: 900

Fukuro: 900

Kaido: 30000

Big Mam: 25000

Coby: 7000

Ace: 10000

Sabo: 2000

Jinbe: 10000

Mihawk: 20000

Doflamingo: 18000

Kuma: 20000

Hancock: 500

Crocodile: 5000

Blackbeard: 33000

Moriah: 12000

Arlong: 600

Fisher Tiger: 11000

Neptune: 10000

Enel: 15000

Kid: 10000

Killer: 3000

Law: 5000

Drake: 4000

Hawkins: 2200

Apoo: 2000

Boneey: 2000

Bege: 5600

Ureuge: 8000

Golden Sikhi: 15000

Thats all characters i can think of so please help me adding more characters and correcting me on any character doriki i made mistake on.

Thanks for the support

Monkey.D.Me 04:12, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

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