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Hello, .. you.

So the New Chapter is out, so-so but don't read this blog if you haven't read the chapter yet.

Ok, I am not reviewing the chapter or anything, its waste of time >_> I want your opinion on a remark that Zoro made to Luffy.

He said "Don't be Careless, The New World starts here!" or something along with those lines.

I could see the surprise on face of Zoro when he heard that Luffy was defeated. Zoro of all SHs holds the most faith and respect for Luffy as his captain and I can understand what would go in his mind if he heard that the man he swore to make the next Pirate King got defeated.

but how did you feel about this remark?? .. little confused like me?

  • Was this foreshadowing?
  • Was that remark meant for all SHs or just Luffy alone?
  • Was this remark the turning point of this arc or the entire Series?

Please tell me your feelings about this certain situation.

Over and Out >_>