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Hello peopple who believe Sabo is dead and Gimon is going to be next Admiral.

This is a Review blog so if you don't like long talks and grammar mistakes then ABANDON BLOG IMMEDIATELY !!

We are gonna talk about New World.

Crowd: Booooooooo boring ...

MDM: Did I tell you, there will be free cookies and warn glass of milk at the end of the blog :D

Crowd: YAY !!! *cheers*

Ok then lets start with what we know about New World ...

  • New world is place filled with Fat Hookers who carve on candies cause they their boyfriend dies(R.I.P Whitebeard).
  • Hardcore Party Maniacs who likes to drink and sail without a clue(I wonder who is Red Hair Pirate Navigator >_>).
  • Wannabe-Yonko egg-plants and Extra-hot marines who have nothing better to do then chasing pirates insted of saving that money and using it to build better nation(reference taken from USA war fund gag).
  • There are also 3-eye mutan and poll-tribe-people(never knew they stacked shit that high), a zoo-runaway and swordsmen who like to show-off their skills by the size of his sword(but he lacks the size where it counts).

Now the Islands, if Dr. Seuss ever smoked a cheep Jamaican crack, with a bottle of Russian Vodka, .. .. he still won't be able to come up with Islands more weird then these.

  • Island where lightning falls like rain(FS#K SCIENCE)
  • Island where ground is invisible(FU#K LOGIC)
  • Island that sucks ship for quarters(FU#K HOOKERS)
  • Island where its egg by day and omleat by night(FU#K HUMAN BODY)

There is also good'ol Blackbeard(his name should have been BlackChest-Hair) who is on DF hunt(I wonder what he does under that black blanket with the dead person) and his crew that was created out of sheer boredom.

Sometime I wonder what Oda takes before making this out-of-Big Bang ideas, but well its Oda, he makes everything uncool in-to COOLEST !!!

So thats my opinion on what I know so far, it seems as a wild place full of bunch of weirdos and maniacs.

So tell me yours, what do you think about New World from all what we heard, saw and predicted so far.

This fail blog(I can feel it) is over and MDM is out >_>