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Monkey.D.Dragon, when u here this name few facts come to your mind.

  • Father of Monkey.D.Luffy
  • Son of Monkey.D.Garp
  • Leader of the Revolutionary Army
  • But the most important fact is the he is World's Most Wanted Criminal

The reason of why he got that title is still unknown. In the Water 7 Arc. Robin gave little information on who Monkey.D.Dragon is? and what does he do? but we still don't know how did he got that title of the World's most wanted man? What made him so infamous? Why does the World Government are scared of him?

I have two theories of how he became so infamous

  1. He may have murdered one or many world nobles like the Celestial Dragons.
  2. Or he is slowly slowly taking over numerous independent countries that refused to join the World Government and is forming a great Revolutionary alliance that might became a great threat to World Government's existence in future. He might be also taking over some countries that are under World Government's alliance.

This are the two reasons i came up with that may have made him the man he is now.

tell me what u think.


Monkey.D.Me 19:30, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

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